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Schneider Electric

After the company adopted a flow model based on the core concepts of TOC for the automation software development, productivity increased by a whopping 71%!

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Case Study

By focusing on enabling flow of projects in the New Product Development funnel using the principles of TOC rather than tracking individual projects, KOEL crashed lead time of projects!

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Client Speak

Sadashiv S Pandit

Executive Chairman, Fleetguard Filters Limited

“Fleetguard Filters is a tier 1 component supplier to key OEMs in the country, with large design, development and testing set-up”.

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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Engineering Workbench, a product from Schneider Electric’s Process Automation business helps in automating the engineering and configuration of the instrumentation and control systems of brown/greenfield projects. Faster engineering helps in reducing lead time to start of operations and thereby improves profitability and reduces the risks of penalties for the Automation vendor.The Agile methodology formerly in place for software development at Schneider Electric Engineering Workbench could not give the desired results. Therefore, the company innovated a flow model based on the core concepts of TOC for the automation software development process which not only created a more harmonious work environment for the development team but also increased productivity by a whopping 71%!

At the end of a year, Schneider reported the following additional benefits