Simplicity is the foundation of powerful solutions! The Vector blog presents simple solutions to complex business challenges. We have stayed away from jargons and “confirming” data to prove a point. Instead simple straightforward logical narratives are used to present the solution. In these blogs you will get to know how TOC can be used to design breakthrough solutions which re-create harmony in work places.

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Scientific Revolution, Disruptive Innovation and Theory of Constraints

“Innovation”, “Disruption” have been buzzwords for a while. Pundits remind us how Nokia, Kodak didn’t act on time and got disrupted into oblivion.Read more

- Satyashri Mohanty

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‘Working Paper’ Drum-Buffer-Rope: Resolving the Capacity Utilization vs Reliability Conflict in Manufacturing Schedules

Check out article on Drum Buffer Rope: Resolving the Capacity Utilization vs Reliability Conflict in Manufacturing Schedules by VectorConsulting group. Also Check out other articles on TOC solutions.Read more

- Dr Shelja Jose

To batch or not to batch: Building Efficiently in Large Batching Operations

Batching issues tend have a profound influence on the flow characteristics of a manufacturing plant and substantial gains can be made by properly understanding underlying principles.Read more

- Achal Saran Pande

Restoring Harmony in Manufacturing Plants

I am sure most of you must have observed and experienced the extent of disharmony that exists in any organization. Unless sources of disharmony are resolved, situation will not change. Can TOC bring in harmony among people?Read more

- Shailesh Ranjan
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