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With the evolution of new manufacturing techniques, manufacturing plants became increasingly complex. This complexity brought with it scheduling challenges which had to deal with the conflict between the necessity to ship orders on time and the need to get maximum output….

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Today numerous call centres have been set up to help customers transact, provide transaction updates, act as help lines, answer product related queries, and even handle grievances. The job seems to be over. But Is it?

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Every literature on project management reminds us that the longest path of dependent tasks determines the total duration of the project. So, logically speaking, project management should focus on ensuring minimal delays on the longest path? Maybe not always…

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I once had an opportunity to engage with a company producing and selling custom-built equipment for banks to try and help cut “flab” and steer the company towards improved profitability. But what unfolded, during my discovery of company’s practices was an object lesson for me…

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Though Theory of Constraints was originally offered by Eliyahu Goldratt as a manufacturing scheduling method, over the course of his career, Goldratt evolved TOC into a systems methodology which encompasses a wide range of concepts, principles, solutions, tools and approaches that strive to ensure any change undertaken as a part of the ongoing improvement will benefit the system as a whole

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People in sales are the most obstinate lot of mankind and it is very difficult to get things implemented in sales. This is the primary belief that most companies hold about the sales function, and is one with quite a bit of truth in it too. But please wait before concluding on this...

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To-batch-or-not-to-batch (1)

Batching issues tend have a profound influence on the flow characteristics of a manufacturing plant and substantial gains can be made by properly understanding underlying principles.

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